Split long sets of repetitions in to a smaller and manageable chunks.

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RepSplitter. is an app that aims to help you splitting repetitions into smaller chunks or rounds.

Main Screen:

Figure 1. Main Screen

How to use:

Let’s say you have to make 30 repetitions and you know you’re not gonna make them in one go, unbroken. And you wanna split them, lets say, in 3 rounds. Then you enter 30 in the Split(repetitions) field, and 3 in the into(rounds) field. That will generate a result of 3 rounds of 10 repetitions. (10, 10, 10).

Figure 2. 30 reps split into 3 rounds.

But then, you think it’d be better do do more repetitions at the beginning and less at the end. Then if you enter 1 in the step field it’ll give you a result of 11, 10, 9. With a step of two: 12, 10, 8 and so on.

Figure 3. Using the step property.

In case there is a remainder, let’s say you want 31 repetitions instead of 30 in the example above, then you’ll have a reminder of 1 repetition.

In the Remainder section you can pick where wanna put that repetition at the beginning (13, 10, 8) or at the end (12, 10, 9).

Figure 4. Using the reminder property.

Saving splits

Using the heart button will save the split for later.

Figure 5. Saving Splits

Saved splits

The Clipoard button, shows the previously saved splits.

Figure 6. Saved Splits
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